How to Make Beef Bean & Cheese Taquitos ~ Mexican Rolled Tacos ~ Budget Friendly Bulk Cooking

Let’s move on to meal numbers 5 & 6 of our budget friendly, bulk cooking brisket adventure! Today I am sharing how to make a bunch of fresh, homemade taquitos, or rolled tacos with only two cups of shredded beef brisket, along with some cheddar cheese and some refried beans. These were delicious and quick to make. I made enough for two meals. We froze the leftovers and will reheat in a warm oven till crisp and enjoy them again in a few weeks. Not only did we get a great dinner from the brisket, but we got to freezer bank another meal! We love Mexican so this is a real plus!

There may be a point of contention with my titling this “taquitos”. I like them made with flour tortillas, as I really don’t care for the corn variety. So we are calling these taquitos. You can call them whatever you like, flautas, rolled tacos, taco rolls, no matter. You can make them with corn tortillas if you like, that is up to you. You should make them the way your family will enjoy them best. I am not going to argue or get into a debate on whether or not I am right or wrong. Because in my house I am right. In your house, you can be right. So let’s move on to the good stuff shall we?

These are super simple. I took two cups of the brisket. The way I measured it was stuffing the meat into a pint jar. Then I ran my knife over it and broke it up further with my hands. I mixed the meat with two cups of shredded, sharp cheddar cheese and I made some refried beans. You can use a big can from the store if that is easy for you. I used a quart of my home canned pintos, mashed with the potato masher and added a bit of salsa and some of my smokey southwest seasoning blend and heated them through until they were thick. I always am sure not to heat them too long, because these really do thicken further as they cool and if you heat them too long you end up with what could easily be used as mortar for setting bricks. I used an entire package of 20 Cesareo style thick flour tortillas.

To start, spread about a tablespoon of beans over the tortilla and then a couple tablespoons of the meat and cheese mixture. I like to mash that into the beans. Be sure not to over fill the tortillas or you will have a mess on your hands when you are frying.

Roll up super tight then fasten with a toothpick piercing the tacquito all the way through. Then set aside on a baking sheet until you finish the rest.

I fried mine in my Masterbuilt turkey fryer. It automatically heats to 375 degrees which is the perfect temperature for frying just about anything. I did these in three batches and pulled them out after about three or four minutes. Once the taquitos get lightly browned and puffy, they are done. Remember, the filling is already cooked, just need to melt the cheese.

I removed them to a cake pan lined with paper towel and finished up the rest. Now it’s time to enjoy! I served mine three on a place dressed with salsa, sour cream and homemade guacamole. A serving is what you are comfortable with. In a restaurant you would most likely get three. We would have been good with a serving of two per person. We ended up with ten leftover and I popped them in a zip lock back and stowed them in the freezer for another time. These will keep well for up to three months in the freezer.

So here is just one more idea for what you can do with leftover brisket. So that makes meals five and six. I have enough meat left for at least one more thing. I am thinking of a couple of things. Mainly a soup and then another thing If I can pull it off! Then we will be close to the same number of meals we got from the chickens! Not bad at all!

I hope you give these taquitos a try as well as the bulk cooking ideas I have been presenting and I hope you love them.

Happy Eating!

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